Lima, Peru
Government Palace
Paseo de la Republica
Sunday, May 26, 2002

Lily and I slept in until noon today since we'd gone to the bars with Franco and Oscar, two guys that work at the hotel. They took us to an area of Lima called
Pizza street which has lots of pizza restaurants, bars and clubs. We ended up staying out until 4:30am. Today we grabbed a cab to El Centro. We walked around the Plaza del Armas and saw the government palace and Cathedral. I started talking with one of the policemen and 2 others. One named Rancho took us to the old train stations which is now the modern art museum. We then walked over to San Francisco Church and monestary and toured the catacombs. We then walked through the streets seeing brightly colored churches, parks and down the Paseo de la Republica which has the Justice Building.